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Gandhi Bookstores Produces Awesome CGI Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Gandhi Bookstores Ad

Gandhi Bookstores Ad

Mexican bookstore chain Gandhi Bookstores has produced a commercial that shows books literally coming to life, and it’s likely to make even diehard illiterati members want to pick up a book and try to capture some of that magic for themselves. The ad slogan is “one book leads to another,” and it makes this principle literal and exciting to watch.

The Gandhi Bookstores commercial references famous books like Moby-Dick, The Frog Prince, Don Quixote, Lord of the Rings, and more, all in the space of just under 40 seconds. It’s an impressive piece of animation in both concept and execution, and it makes me wish we had bookstore commercials like this in the United States.

You can watch the Gandhi Bookstores “one book leads to another” commercial below. And if you’re planning on traveling to Mexico (or if you’re there now) and you need a new book to read, you could do worse than to head to the official Gandhi site right here.

Here’s the ad:

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