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Gamevice: Play Smartphone Games With an Actual Controller

by Joseph


Smartphone games are great and all, but they’re missing a crucial tactile element that the video games of our youths and today have in their favor. But with Gamevice, you can equip your smartphone with all the buttons, d-pads, joysticks, and so on that you could ever want, and use them to play the games you’re already addicted to.

Or at least, you can if you have a smartphone within the iPhone 6 series, which is the only tech with the Gamevice privilege so far. Smartphone games these days can get just as advanced as console games, and you can play stuff like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Minecraft: Pocket Edition with the pleasure of a handheld game controller (and fewer smudges on your screen to boot).

Check out Gamevice on Amazon here, where it’s priced at $99.95 (“You Save: $0.04”). Then, start making a bunch of appointments with doctors and other businesses, because waiting around is going to become a little more exciting.

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