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GAME BOY 1up Concept by Florian Renner

by Joseph
GAME BOY 1up Concept

GAME BOY 1up Concept

If you think about it, the Ninendo Game Boy was kind of ahead of its time given its superficial similarity to smartphones and other handheld devices. This makes it a fitting inspiration for designer Florian Renner, who’s whipped up a concept for the GAME BOY 1up that brings the classic Game Boy into the 21st century.

The GAME BOY 1up isn’t a real product, but the version from Renner’s imagination is a heady blend of old and new, with game cartridges and an 80s-style headphone jack combined with an HD screen that can play modern-day games. It’s a pretty cool idea, and maybe if we’re lucky, Renner will get a real job with Nintendo to make it happen.

Until that occurs, though, you’ll have to be content to read more about the GAME BOY 1up at Florian Renner’s official site here, where he talks about his design approach and all of the features the item would come with if it were available in stores.

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