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GALAC-TAC Body Armor Inspired by Boba Fett

by Joseph


That new Star Wars movie everybody’s jibber jabbering about has got me asking just one question: Has everyone forgotten about Boba Fett? Thankfully, the answer is no, as Ryan Flowers (he of SOG Knives and various other endeavors) is releasing a line of body armor directly inspired by the galaxy’s most awesome bounty hunter: GALAC-TAC.

GALAC-TAC (get it?) body armor was the talk of the recent ‘Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show,’ where its defensive capabilities matched with its undeniable resemblance to the iconic armor and helmet worn by the Duke of Star Wars made it the most buzz-worthy suit of tactical armor in the history of social media.

Pre-orders for GALAC-TAC body armor are available at Flowers’ online store right here, starting at $325 and with various custom options available. That might sound like a lot, but once you bring in Solo you should be able to cover it and then some.

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