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G-Shock Valentine’s Day 2016 Watches

by Joseph
G-Shock Valentine's Day 2016

G-Shock Valentine's Day 2016

Casio G-Shock watches are quite possibly the least romantic timepieces ever created. ¬†Their bone-deep utilitarianism doesn’t have time for any flowery content, and even their names are like technical manual listings. But that hasn’t stopped Casio from getting in on the Valentine’s Day action this year, with two G-Shock Valentine’s Day 2016¬†joints coming next month.

The G-Shock Valentine’s Day 2016 watches are the GA110RD-4A and the GA201RD-4A (doesn’t that make your heart flutter?) with bright red colorways that scream VD. The G-Shock standard of durability is present as usual, as are the wide array of features, including automatic LED backlights, world clock, stopwatches accurate to the nearest thousandth of a second, countdown clocks, and more.

Scheduled to be available from the G-Shock online store right here next month in time for Valentine’s Day, the G-Shock Valentine’s Day 2016 watches can be seen in the meantime up in the photo at the top.

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