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DW-5600MT-1JR Watch From G-Shock And Medicom Toy

by Joseph

Here’s an inspired pairing: Casio G-Shock and Japanese toy brand Medicom Toy have collaborated on a limited edition of the DW-5600. Called the DW-5600MT-1JR, the watch has a reverse LCD screen with a black background, a white display border, a Bearbrick logo, and it comes in a special commemorative Bearbrick case.

The DW-5600MT-1JR by Casio G-Shock and Medicom Toy bridges the gap between timepiece and plaything, but this would appear to be a collectible item mostly targeted at adults. It’s expected only to be available from Medicom Toy outlets in Japan, so unless you’re reading this from the Land of the Rising Sun, you might have to find another way to get your G-Shock fix.

You can check out some photos of the G-Shock x Medicom Toy DW-5600MT-1JR in the gallery up top, though.

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