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Fyuse 3.0 App Turns Any Smartphone Into a 3D Camera (Video)

by Joseph
Fyuse 3.0

Fyuse 3.0

3D cinematography is fairly commonplace in movie theaters, but the equipment necessary to capture three-dimensional images hasn’t really made the leap into the realm of household tech staples. But the new Fyuse 3.0 app makes anyone with a smartphone able to get 3D images in a new way.

Rather than the conventional method of capturing images from two cameras simultaneously, Fyuse 3.0 works by way of the user moving the camera around the subject of their shot, creating a 3D scan of the image. The finished product is called a “fyuse,” and this newest update of the app revamps the user interface and introduces a lot of brand new features.

You can see how Fyuse 3.0 works in the video below. And for more information on the app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices (and to start making fyuses of your own), head over to the official Fyuse site right here.

Here’s the video:

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