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Fuze Card: “Your Whole Wallet in One Card” (Video)

by Joseph
Fuze Card

Fuze Card

Everyone who’s ever had to fumble through their wallet for a lost card while an increasingly impatient line of fellow customers grumbling behind them has dreamed of having a single card that contains all their financial resources in one. Fuze Card is able to do just that, with space for up to 30 cards of various types with in its 0.03 inch-thick frame.

Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even customer loyalty cards can be in Fuze Card users’ arsenal. You use an app to add and delete cards to your account, and it’s equipped with various security features, like auto-locking when it’s used too far from where your smartphone is located (no more leaving your phone in the car while you run into 7-11, I guess).

The Fuze Card is shown in action in the promotional video below, and for more information, as well as to pre-order a card for yourself, head to the product’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:



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