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Funny Or Die Weather App: Forecasts With Jokes

by Joseph

Funny Or Die Weather App

Many have lamented the loss of the “Funny Weatherman” archetype in the age of the internet and smartphones. Why get your weather from a jovial overweight jokester when you can just glance at your phone instead? But the people at Funny Or Die have resurrected the intersection between weather reporting and jokes with the Funny Or Die Weather app.

From what I can tell, the jokes in the Funny Or Die Weather app don’t have a direct connection to the weather – they just kind of sit there, above the day’s current temperature and other weather information, like it floated in on a cold front. Then there are the more meteorological veins of humor, like the “weather fact of the day,” and so on.  It could be a good way to inject some good feeling into the mundane task of checking the weather, or it could be another piece of sensory overload turning your brain into sludge, depending on your constitution.

If you think you can handle Funny Or Die Weather, you can get more information as well as a free download from the App Store here.

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