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Fuego Box: New Hot Sauces Every Month

by Joseph
Fuego Box

Fuego Box

If you live in one of the established hot sauce capitals of the world—New Orleans maybe—it’s easy to stock your pantry with the best of the best like a true connoisseur. But if you’re depending on your local supermarket chain for your hot sauce fix, there’s a frightening possibility that you don’t even really know what good hot sauce tastes like: Enter Feugo Box, the solution to most (if not all) of your hot sauce problems.

Fuego Box is a subscription service that delivers curated hot sauces to your door on a regular basis, with an emphasis on flavor and food pairings rather than pure heat. There’s a variety of different options depending on your level of hot sauce commitment, but the basic one is a single bottle of a different sauce per month, for about $13 per month.

You can sign up, and get more information on the selection process, at the official Fuego Box site right here, where you can also browse an a la carte hot sauce shop.

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