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#SocialMedium: Frye Art Museum Unveils Internet-Curated Exhibit (Photos)

by Joseph
Frye Art Museum #SocialMedium

The Frye Art Museum in Seattle turned over the curating duties for their latest art exhibit to an unlikely entity: The internet. The name of the exhibit is #SocialMedium, and it worked by allowing an estimated 4000 people who follow the Frye Art Museum on various social networks to vote online on which works would be displayed.

The #SocialMedium exhibit doesn’t stop there, though. Each of the paintings displayed in the Frye Art Museum exhibit has underneath a web 2.0-style icon that shows how many votes it received online as well as a selection of comments made about it. It’s an unusual sight in an art museum, but maybe it’s just ahead of its time.

You can see a few of the paintings displayed as part of #SocialMedium at the Frye Art Museum in the gallery below. And for more info on the exhibit, head over to the Frye website here.

Here’s the gallery:

Frye Art Museum #SocialMediumFrye Art Museum #SocialMediumFrye Art Museum #SocialMediumFrye Art Museum #SocialMedium


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