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Frinkiac: A Searchable Index of Three Million ‘Simpsons’ Screenshots

by Joseph


In certain corners of the internet, screenshots from The Simpsons are basically like currency. But much like the early days of our modern economy, sources for good screenshots have previously been scattered across the web, with no centralized place to get the one you want. Now, though, we have Frinkiac.

The Frinkiac search engine has cataloged almost three million screenshots from the show, but the best part is that they’re all searchable by dialogue – and the site plans to introduce other search functions in the future. Then there’s the “Meme It” feature, which lets you create a custom Simpsons internet meme with the show’s classic font, ready to be used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network you think needs an injection of some fast Springfield wit.

You can check out Frinkiac right here. And in a few weeks’ time, other forms of online communication will start seeming a little bit obsolete.

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