Home Entertainment ‘Friends From College’: Upcoming Netflix Comedy Series (Trailer)

‘Friends From College’: Upcoming Netflix Comedy Series (Trailer)

by Joseph
Friends From College

Friends From College

An upcoming eight-episode comedy series from Netflix and creators Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller has a new trailer on the internet. And according to that trailer, Friends From College has if nothing else an insanely stacked ensemble cast, from Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders to Billy Eichner, Kate McKinnon, and Fred Savage (!).

Aside from its cast, Friends From College appears to be a comedy about people who are getting, gulp, older, and how they cope with this universal part of life alone and with each other. Also, just to reiterate, Fred Savage is in this, so even if this would never cross your radar otherwise take a minute to feel good for Fred.

Check out the trailer for Friends From College below. And should you like what you see, be sure to have the old Netflix machine fired up on July 14th, when all eight episodes of the show are scheduled to drop.

Here’s the trailer:


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