Home Tech & Gear ‘Friend Request’: Facebook Releases New Commercial (Video)

‘Friend Request’: Facebook Releases New Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Facebook Friend Request Commercial

Facebook Friend Request Commercial

If there was ever a company who probably didn’t need to spend money on advertising, it’s Facebook, which already has more than a billion users on its ledgers. And yet, the Zuck and co. have always been keenly interested in maintaining their company’s brand, which is probably why the new commercial entitled Friend Request was produced.

In real life, a Facebook friend request has roughly equal significance to accidentally brushing against a stranger on an elevator, but the site’s new commercial makes it seem a lot more important than that. It kind of makes you want to get online and start throwing out friend requests, which I guess would be the entire point.

You can watch Facebook’s new Friend Request commercial for yourself below. And for more from the most popular social network on the internet, head over to Facebook here – and try to make some new friends, OK?

Here’s the commercial:

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