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Fresh Balls: “The Solution For Men”

by Joseph
Fresh Balls

Fresh Balls

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for the plague of what can only be described as “ball sweat” to reach the apex of its difficulty. But now there’s a product specifically for this problem, and since you order it over the internet, you don’t even have to face a CVS cashier when you make the purchase. It’s called, somewhat brazenly, “Fresh Balls.”

Fresh Balls is an aluminum-free, talcum-free, and paraben-free lotion that’s said to cut down on sweatiness, stickiness, and itching that are common problems for the testicularly equipped, and recommended for daily use.

Fresh Balls comes in 5-ounce tubes that you can purchase from Amazon here (the user reviews are, as you might imagine, hysterical). Each tube goes for a little over $10, and can be bought in packs of both one and two. And for more information, check out the official Fresh Balls website here.

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