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French Toast Crunch Making Return to Stores

by Joseph
French Toast Crunch

French Toast Crunch

Believe it or not, it’s been eight years since the small, bread-shaped wonders collectively known as French Toast Crunch have seen the inside of a grocery store. But now, thanks to the all-encompassing power of 90s nostalgia, the cereal is coming back.

General Mills has announced the return of French Toast Crunch, which is good news for everyone who remembers seeing TV commercials for it but never actually got around to trying it (hey, there must be a reason it was discontinued in 2006). According to the company, the return of FTC is due to the near-constant levels of love for the cereal on Twitter, which just goes to show that social media activism really CAN make a difference in the real world.

You can read all about French Toast Crunch’s triumphant return at the General Mills blog here. And watch for it at your local grocery store, which should have it in stock in the coming weeks.

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