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#FreeTheNipple Activists Exploit Hilarious Instagram Loophole

by Joseph


Earlier today I wrote up model Charlotte McKinney, who posted a few topless photos on Instagram only to delete them since they violate the photo app’s terms of service. This is part of a larger trend, though, made up of people justifiably fed up with Instagram’s sexual double standards, and the #FreeTheNipple warriors have found a perfect way to illustrate Instagram’s hypocrisy.

Basically, some genius allied with #FreeTheNipple realized that if female nipples are objectionable and male nipples are OK, all you have to do is cover the offending areas up with a disembodied male nipple, and everything is kosher. It’s funny, it’s kind of gross, and it deflates a longstanding social hypocrisy – what more could you want from a social media movement?

You can see #FreeTheNipple’s latest call to action up at the top, courtesy of Instagram user _beautiful_nightmare_, whom you can check out on Instagram right here. Then, start posting all the sweet androgynous chest nudity that you can handle on Instagram – no jury would ever convict you.

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