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Free: App Lets Everyone Know Whether You’re Free

by Joseph
Free App

Free App

If your social calendar is crowded enough that you get tired of telling everybody in your life whether or not you’re available at a given time, chances are you don’t find yourself with a wide open night very often. But you still might get some use out of Free, a new app that gives your friends a quick reference to see if they can get a face-to-face with you or not.

Free gives users three different availability options to broadcast to the world: “Going Out,” “Flexible,” and the pleasingly ambiguous “Busy,” so diligent friends can refer to your profile before hitting you up with a text. There’s also a feature for customizing your availability depending on who’s asking – but be careful about using that one.  It seems like it could lead to trouble.

You can risk it by checking out Free at its official site here. There only seems to be an iOS version out now, but hopefully for friends of Android users everywhere an Android version will arrive soon.

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