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Frank Thomas Sues Reebok Over “Big Hurt” Re-Release

by Joseph
Reebok Big Hurt

Reebok Big Hurt

Designated hitter Frank Thomas earned the nickname “Big Hurt” back in the early 90s, and he allowed Reebok to use the name for a signature sneaker. But now, as Reebok prepares a Stateside release of their “Big Hurt” retro sneakers (after an overseas launch last year), Thomas is taking exception, filing a lawsuit against Reebok for using his nickname without permission.

According to Frank Thomas’ lawsuit, Reebok never asked for his permission before re-releasing the sneaker, and the lawsuit comes amid a general atmosphere of discord involving royalties from sneaker sales. Thomas wants Reebok to stop selling the new “Big Hurt” sneakers, as well as cutting him in on the profits they’ve already made.

The lawsuit was only filed in the last couple days or so, so it remains to be seen how this will play out in court. Hopefully for Frank Thomas, a big and tasty settlement from Reebok is in his future.

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