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Framed Vinyl From Level Frames: Look, But Don’t Touch

by Joseph
Framed Vinyl

Framed Vinyl

Having a record collection is great, but one of the downsides is that you very rarely get to show it off to anyone. If you want to place your love of music in a more display-friendly context, consider Framed Vinyl from Level Frames for your next wall-hanging.

Framed Vinyl takes iconic record covers and frames them for display along with their actual vinyl records for wall decor that absolutely screams “I have no interest in ever listing to the records that I bought.” Titles include Abbey Road, At Folsom Prison, Born in the U.S.A., Kind of Blue, and many other canonical recordings that you can enjoy looking at all year round.

You can check out the selection at Level Frames’ online store here, where all of the Framed Vinyl pieces can be had for $160 and up. And remember: In case of a music emergency, shatter glass and apply record to turntable.

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