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“Framed”: New Eminem Music Video/Horror Movie (Video)

by Joseph


Eminem’s latest album Revival seems to have come and gone without making too much of a splash, but the newly released video for its standout single “Framed” will probably get some extra attention. That’s because the video is basically a horror movie in miniature, starring Em as a psychotic killer who blacks out and goes into murderous fugue states.

“Framed” features Eminem embodying the aforementioned killer, who claims to have been framed after he’s apprehended. And the video is purportedly disturbing and graphic in the finest horror movie tradition — so much so that you might want to wait until you’re home from work to check it out below:

If “Framed” has you in the mood for more stuff from Eminem, you can see all his videos at his Vevo YouTube channel right here. If it doesn’t, you can watch something else instead. It’s the internet, find a way to amuse yourself!



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