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Framebridge: Custom Frames for Posters and Photos

by Joseph


As I write this, I have a Soviet-era Yuri Gagarin poster leaning against my wall, a Marvel Comics Human Torch Fantastic Four cover poster sitting on a table, and a Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame poster sitting around somewhere. I’m sharing this not because I want to blow you away with my awesome taste in decor, but to illustrate the need for an easy way to get posters and other wall-worthy stuff framed and displayed so they don’t just sit around collecting dust. Framebridge is a service that fills that need.

Framebridge works like this – you either mail in (for free) or upload whatever it is you want framed, and they handcraft a frame specifically customized to whatever it is you’re getting framed – hanging gear included. The pricing is based on size, not on any other framing specifications, so you’ll know well in advance how much you’ll be paying.

And you’ll be paying $40 for an “Instagram”-size frame, on up to $159 for posters up to 32″ x 42″. You can get some more info, and start framing all your unframed wall pieces, at the service’s website right here.

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