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FOVE: First Eye-Tracking Virtual Reality Display (Video)

by Joseph


The traditional model for virtual reality involves the user’s turning his or her head to explore their new virtual surroundings. But now there’s a new way, that more closely replicates the actual experience of looking around in real life by way of real-time eyeball tracking. It’s FOVE, billed as the first such VR set in the world.

The implications for such a device include making eye contact with video game characters, before this a practically impossible task. It also allows for more rendering power to be allocated to what the user is actually looking at – akin to how your eyes focus on specific things in real life.

You can get a lot more information on FOVE over here at the product’s Kickstarter page, where you can grab your own FOVE headset and development kit starting at $349. It’s not quite at its fundraising goal yet, but with 44 days to go, it’s well on its way. You can also see a video about what the headset can do below.

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