Home Tech & Gear Fostex TH900 Headphones Are Lovingly Crafted, Cost $1,300 (Video)

Fostex TH900 Headphones Are Lovingly Crafted, Cost $1,300 (Video)

by Joseph
Fostex TH900 Headphones

Fostex TH900 Headphones

What would it take for you to spend $1,300 on a pair of headphones? Collectible resale value, perhaps? If the answer to that question is “craftsmanship,” then you will probably be one of the parties interested in a pair of Fostex TH900 headphones, especially after you watch the video about how they’re made.

Every pair of Fostex TH900 premium studio headphones boast technological features like 15,000 gauss magnetic flux density, 2-inch dynamic drivers, and 25-ohm impedance (whatever those words might mean), but it’s the housings lovingly crafted from Japanese Cherry Birch and finished with a Urushi lacquer that truly sets them apart from the crowd.

You can see just how lovingly crafted Fostex TH900 headphones are by taking a look at the video from Fostex below. And to score your own pair, head over to the product listing on Amazon here – but you better hurry, because as of this writing there’s only one pair left in stock.

Here’s the video:


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