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Fortune Cookie Flows Have Rap Lyrics Inside

by Joseph
Fortune Cookie Flows

Fortune Cookie Flows

Fortune cookies are great, but how useful are the little missives found inside? Not as useful as a really good rap lyric, you say? Well then Fortune Cookie Flows have you covered, replacing the usual faux Confucian jive with iconic lyrics from across the history of hip hop.

The only rapper known to be represented in Fortune Cookie Flows is Nas, as seen in the photo above. To find out who else made the cut, it looks like you’ll have to crack into the cookies yourself. And since you’re unlikely to find these rap-inflected fortune cookies at your favorite local takeout joint, that means you’ll have to place an order for them in bulk.

You can do that right here, where Fortune Cookie Flows are priced at a dollar a cookie for packs of 50. It’s a bit more than you pay for fortune cookies in a restaurant, but a good rap line is way better than the Chinese word for “exercise” or a list of lucky numbers anyway.

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