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FORMUL2 Racer Concept Car by Radek Štêpán (Pics)

by Joseph

Imagine if you will, a modular vehicle with automated droids that can swap out its wheels, suspension, and or chassis depending on the type of terrain you expect it to encounter. It sounds like something out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, but designer Radek Štêpán has come up with a real-life Chan Van that goes by the name FORMUL2 Racer.

The FORMUL2 Racer concept car is the all-terrain vehicle of the future, or at least one possible future in which it actually gets to go into production and travel across sand and pavement alike. And who knows? Maybe the FORMUL3 Racer will be able to travel underwater!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. For now you can take a look at a few renderings of the futuristic FORMUL2 Racer in the gallery underneath these words. And for more of the artist’s work, you can check out Štêpán’s stuff on Behance right here.

Here’s the gallery:



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