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FormBox: Create 3D Objects With Your Vacuum Cleaner

by Joseph


When the average person hears the term “vacuum forming,” their mind’s eyes probably flash an image of a vacuum cleaner.  But with FormBox, this is a rare example of a popular term and the way a scientific device actually works being completely in sync.

That’s because FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that’s powered by the user’s home vacuum cleaner. In case you’re not in the know, vacuum forming is a cheap and easy alternative to 3D printing that creates molds through suction that can then be used to replicate objects from any substance that can be molded from it—chocolate, wax, ice, plastic, concrete, whatever.

The FormBox is made with small business owners and regular home hobbyists in mind, which is probably why it’s been so resoundingly successful on Kickstarter here. There you can also get more information on how the item works, and for the next 17 days you can pre-order yours starting at just under $350.

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