Home Entertainment ‘Forever and a Death’: Lost 007 Script Coming Back as Novel

‘Forever and a Death’: Lost 007 Script Coming Back as Novel

by Joseph
Forever and a Death

Forever and a Death

Back in 1995, GoldenEye was James Bond‘s triumphant return to the big screen after an uncharacteristically long (for him) theatrical hiatus. Following the success of that film, one of the people enlisted to devise the inevitable followup was novelist Donald Westlake, whose unused 007 script is coming back soon as a novel entitled Forever and a Death.

Normally, a James Bond screenplay by genre fiction legend Donald Westlake would be the stuff of legend, but we get to read it (kind of) thanks to the people at Hard Case Crime, the Porsche of genre fiction publishers. It won’t be a Bond story anymore, officially, with Bond replaced with some other superspy character with a taste for the finer things, but you’ll be able to use your imagination.

You won’t have to wait forever to read Forever and a Death, either, although waiting until June, 2017 might feel like it if you’re a fan. You can read more about the project right here in the meantime, though.

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