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‘Forest of Light’ Installation From COS (Photos)

by Joseph
Forest of Light

Fashion brand COS is known for its stark, functional designs to be worn by both women and men, but their latest promotional project takes simplicity to another level. It’s the Forest of Light, an art installation currently on display at Milan’s Salon del Mobile in the formerly abandoned Cinema Arti theater.

The Forest of Light uses mirrored walls (designed by architect Sou Fujimoto) to create the illusion of infinite space occupied by the installation’s unique cones of light. These cones are designed to be interacted with by visitors, but in the absence of a trip to Milan you can take a look at a few photos of the installation courtesy of COS in the gallery below:

Forest of LightForest of LightForest of LightForest of LightForest of Light

If you like what you see above, you might as well do the decent thing and head over to the COS online store here and maybe buy a shirt or something. It’s not the most efficient way to support the arts, but it’s 2016 and sometimes you just have to compromise.

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