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Food Ink: “The World’s First 3D-Printing Restaurant” (Video)

by Joseph
Food Ink

Food Ink

“Say, waiter, could you print me up an omelet?” The reality implied by that question has now come to pass, with the opening of Food Ink, a new eatery that bills itself as “the world’s first 3D-printing restaurant.” I don’t think they have omelets, though.

Instead, the Food Ink menu is populated by items with names like Air Caviar, Caesar’s Flower of Life, Mystic Prawns, Steak TARTRIS, Love Bites, and 3D Boscana, all made from proprietary “food pastes” that is formed into various geometric shapes on a plate. Then, the food is eaten, at which point the process is pretty much the same as with normal, non-3D-printed food.

Food Ink is beginning life as a London pop-up from July 25th to the 27th, but plans for other locations all over the world are in place. For now, you can check out a video introducing the restaurant below, and get more info at the restaurant’s official site here.

Here’s the video:


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