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Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottles

by Joseph


“Self-filling water bottles” might sound like some kind of made-up invention, but evidently modern technology makes such a thing quite possible. ¬†As a result, we now have Fontus, billed as the first self-filling water bottle in the world.

Fontus works by snatching moisture out of the surrounding air, for a water bottle that purportedly never runs dry. The applications for such a product are obvious, but the most important one is that it would let bicyclists and other adventurers travel out into the world without worrying that they might completely run out of water — not only is it a cool technological feature, but it could very well save lives of those in dangerous situations as well.

Pricing details and other information on Fontus is still to come, but you can get a lot more at the product’s official website right here. Until you get one for yourself, the thirst will remain very real.

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