Home Entertainment ‘Following Kubrick’ Highlights Director’s Tracking Shots (Video)

‘Following Kubrick’ Highlights Director’s Tracking Shots (Video)

by Joseph
Following Kubrick

Following Kubrick

There are a few visual signatures that director Stanley Kubrick was known for, and that even non-movie-freaks might recognize if they’ve ever watched his most popular movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Eyes Wide Shut. One of these is the tracking shot, which Kubrick loved particularly in long hallways with the subject located dead center of the frame (just think of those shots following Danny on his Big Wheel in The Shining), which is the subject of Following Kubrick, a new supercut from CutPrintFilm.

Following Kubrick takes some of the most iconic tracking shots in Stanley Kubrick’s career and blends them together into a 90-second short that will probably make you want to watch all of his movies again and check out the ones you’ve missed.

You can watch Following Kubrick for yourself below. And for more from CutPrintFilm, check out their official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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