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FoldPot: The Plant Pot That Grows With The Plant

by Joseph


You put a plant in a pot, then the plant grew too big for the size of the pot, so you have to get a new pot. As horrifying as this sounds, it or something like it happens approximately 415 times every day.* Which is why the FoldPot is such a godsend for anyone who grows houseplants.

The FoldPot is a silicone rubber pot that, as its name suggests, folds and contracts depending on the initial size of the plant, and then can be unfolded and expanded as the plant grows and takes up more space. It can expand so much, in fact, that you can fill it with almost twice the amount of soil that fills it at its smallest point.

The FoldPot can be had at Pizzolorusso’s online store, where it’s priced at about $80 and up in sets of three or six. You can check it out, get more information, and buy your own set of FoldPots here.

*I made up this statistic.

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