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Folding Steak Knife From Kai

by Joseph
Folding Steak Knife

Folding Steak Knife

I have a fondness for products that double as sight gags, and it’s been a blue moon since I saw one as funny as the Folding Steak Knife from Kai. I mean, just think of it.  Why in the world would you ever need to unexpectedly produce a steak knife? But, being prepared means expecting the unexpected, so it’s probably a good thing this exists.

The Kai Folding Steak Knife is constructed from sturdier stuff than a typical novelty product, though. The blade is made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel, purported to be strong and sharp enough to cut through practically any steak you’re likely to encounter, and it comes with its own leather sheath so you can indulge your own fantasies as Lord Greystoke of the kitchen.

To do that, just head over to the Cool Material Shop right here, where the Folding Steak Knife from Kai is priced at just under $45.

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