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FoldiMate Robotic Laundry Folding Machine (Video)

by Joseph


Folding laundry is easily one of the most tedious household chores that exist, but unless you want to live the life of living out of your hamper there’s really no way to get around it. That’s changing soon, though, thanks to the FoldiMate, a robotic laundry folding machine that’s been recently unveiled.

FoldiMate actually does more than just fold clothes, it also steam-treats them to eliminate wrinkles. There’s also a planned perfume option, which may sound extravagant but if you’re willing to pay $800 for a machine to fold your laundry there’s probably not much that you consider outside the realm of acceptable expenses.

Pre-orders on the Foldimate laundry folding robot won’t start until next year, and consequently a firm price hasn’t even been set. But in the video below it’s estimated that it will go for between $700 and $850, and you can stay tuned to the product’s official site here for more details.

Here’s the video:


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