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Fluxo Smart Lamp: “The World’s Smartest Lamp”

by Joseph


Not to be confused with the Martian invader Fluxus, Fluxo isn’t merely a garden-variety smart lamp.  According to its makers, it’s “the world’s smartest lamp,” a bold claim that the lamp‘s impressive array of features would seem to handily support.

Right off the bat, Fluxo is highly capable of customization, letting users modify not just the direction of the light it gives, but the color as well, thanks to its arsenal of programmable LEDs in an adjustable ring-shaped cluster formation. But it takes some time for Fluxo to really start showing its true colors, with a smart brain that learns your illumination habits and adjusts its own brightness and color settings accordingly, as well as turning itself on or off depending on whether anyone is in the room.

You can get a lot more information about Fluxo at the world’s smartest lamp’s official site here, along with links to the product’s Kickstarter campaign.

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