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Flow: A “Sleek Minimalistic Fountain Pen”

by Joseph


We’re living in a golden age of pens, particularly of the “sleek and minimalistic” varieties. But most of these often crowdfunded pens are not fountain pens, which is where Flow comes in to fill this gap.

A Flow pen is equipped with a premium nib constructed from steel and aluminum, and available in three different finishes. It writes smoothly with a built-in ink cartridge, and the ink itself is purportedly quick-drying and smear-proof.  So if you were looking for a relatively easy way to acquaint yourself with the pleasure of old-fashioned fountain pen writing, this would be one way to do just that.

Prices on Flow fountain pens start at $30 at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where it has made almost 20 times its original fundraising goal with three and a half weeks of fundraising left to go. Clearly, if you have an idea for a pen, now is the time to try to get the money to make it.

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