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Flopstarter: Crowdfunding for Extremely Bad Ideas

by Joseph


Good ideas are sometimes said to be in the air, just waiting for some lucky brain to catch them and, hopefully, execute them in some way. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have made it a lot easier for those ideas to be funded, but what about bad ideas? For them, there’s Flopstarter.

Flopstarter is an evidently real crowdfunding platform exclusively for terrible ideas. That means that if you for some reason think AnkleHub, a porn site with Victorian sexual mores, or “Natural Death Beef” from cows who have died naturally needs to exist, you can contribute actual money to their crowdfunding campaigns. Then, much like Kickstarter, there’s a good chance it will never be produced anyway.

Take a look at Flopstarter, which to me is a nice throwback to the pre-social-media era when the internet was weirder, right here. You can even submit your own project, in case you have any world-shakingly bad ideas taking up space in your head.

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