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Flophouze Hotel: Vacation in a Shipping Container

by Joseph
Flophouze Hotel

Flophouze Hotel

Living in an old shipping container … anybody who pays rent has at least thought about it. If you’re not ready to commit to a full year lease, you can give the whole idea a trial run at the Flophouze Hotel, where shipping container hotel rooms go for 175 bucks a night.

The Flophouze Hotel is located in idyllic Round Top, Texas, but the main appeal of traveling there outside of hanging out on the shores of Fayette Lake is enjoying the, I guess I have no choice but to call it quirky, vibe of the hotel. And every room is literally recycled, so it’s nominally OK for the environment, too.

Check out the Flophouze Hotel site right here, see all their Wes Anderson-approved amenities, and even book a room. And FYI: $175 is the rate for two guests, but if you want to cram any more people into one of those containers it’s gonna cost you more.

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