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Flo Music: WiFi Music Sharing Through a Mobile App

by Joseph
Flo Music

Flo Music

Back in the old days, playing music at a party just required a good record collection (or maybe even a radio), and some decent speakers. But we live in a more complex world now, and many a party has been dampened by the hassle of switching out phones in order to play different songs.  This is no more, though, thanks to Flo Music.

Flo Music is an app engineered specifically for the sharing of music from multiple devices in one location. Users join in on a nearby “Flo,” and once they do they can add any music in their collection to the shared playlist (the applications for playing pranks on your loud-partying neighbors are somewhat intriguing as well).

Flo Music is also free at iTunes through the app’s official site here, where you can get a lot more information on its numerous features. Other than the inherent Android/iPhone segregation that might result at your next party, there’s really no downside.

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