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Flixtape: Netflix Introduces New Custom Playlist Feature

by Joseph


The mixtape in its original pre-internet form is an extremely important, if endangered, mode of personal expression, allowing you to take the music that has moved you emotionally and share it with another special person in the hopes that it will move them as well. Doing this with TV episodes and movies lacks a certain emotional force, but that didn’t stop Netflix from introducing a new Flixtape feature for doing just that.

Flixtape allows users to create customized playlists of content available on Netflix and share them with others. One potential issue with this is that something you put on your Flixtape could expire from Netflix’s catalogue, reducing your carefully-crafted playlist to a barren wasteland a month or two after it was created. But who cares! It’s fun to make lists!

You can start making your own Flixtape at the service’s official site right here. And if you’re still unclear on the concept, Netflix released a handy explanatory video that you can watch below.

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