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FLIR Captures Thermal Vision Footage of Formula One Racers (Video)

by Joseph
FLIR Thermal Vision F-1

FLIR Thermal Vision F-1

It’s true that Formula One racing is already one of the most visually impressive sports out there, but seeing it from another dimension really takes it to the next level. In this case, that dimension is heat, seen through the thermal imaging cameras from FLIR.

The most surprising thing to me about FLIR’s thermal vision footage of F1 racers in action is that under thermal vision, the smoke coming off of the tires looks pretty much exactly like open fire, which gives you an idea of the forces at work here.

Overall, it’s a very cool (so to speak) video, showing off FLIR’s thermal cameras in one of the most inspired ways imaginable. Also, if you’re a Metroid Prime fan, it might bring back memories of Samus’ thermal visor (or is that just me?).

You can watch the (very short) video of Formula One cars as captured by thermal vision cameras from FLIR below. And for more, head over to FLIR’s website here.

(via Hypebeast)

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