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Flight Cards: Air Jordan Themed Playing Cards

by Joseph
Flight Cards

Flight Cards

Michael Jordan‘s legacy in the field of sneakers is pretty much cemented.  In fact, there’s a whole generation of sneakerheads who know him more as a sneaker brand than as a basketball player (or even as an actor). Now, there’s one more way to pay tribute to His Airness, and maybe take in some poker winnings at the same time: Flight Cards.

Flight Cards are a deck of playing cards with Air Jordan graphics in lieu of the traditional according-to-Hoyle imagery. The cards are billed as “A Tribute to the Greatest Sneaker Legacy of All Time,” and its combination of Jordan likenesses and images of sneakers from across Jordan Brand’s history certainly live up to that bill.

You can get a 54-card deck of Flight Cards from the product’s own official site here, where packs are priced at $20 each. That’s a bit steep for a deck of cards, but for a tribute to the history of Air Jordan it’s practically a steal.

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