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‘Flick Kicks’: Poster Celebrates Famous Movie Sneakers

by Joseph
Flick Kicks

Flick Kicks

The worlds of sneakers and cinema have a great deal of overlap, with many of the best and brightest sneaker designs of decades past either originating on the screen, or being popularized there (conversely, too many movie and TV characters to count have been enriched by a well-placed pair of sneakers). Celebrating this overlap is a new poster from Sons of Wolves – Flick Kicks. 

Flick Kicks is available in three different color options – grey, orange, and blue – but all three contain the same array of iconic sneakers from cinema history. There’s the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future 2, Bruce Lee’s Onitsuka’s Tiger Tai Chis from Game of Death (and later borrowed by Uma Thurman for Kill Bill), Eddie Murphy’s adidas Country sneakers from Beverly Hills Cop, and more.

If you can recognize most or all of the sneakers featured on Flick Kicks, you might just be obligated to drop $25 on a poster from the Sons of Wolves online store here. If you can’t, well, clearly you have some homework to do.

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