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Flic: “The Wireless Smart Button” (Video)

by Joseph


Jerry Seinfeld used to do a bit that made me laugh and laugh as a kid, the punchline which (and the part that always sent me into laughing paroxysms) was “where the hell is that button?” This joke might have an increased relevance in the coming years thanks to Flic, a product that is billed as “the wireless smart button.”

Essentially, Flic is a small wireless button that you can program to perform practically any action on your smartphone. For instance, a push of a Flic button could automatically call a cab to your present location, or do something simpler like take a photo without your having to touch your phone. And you can potentially outfit your life with an arsenal of Flic buttons, each one with its own designated function.

Flic has already surpassed its fundraising goal on IndieGoGo with a month and a half left to go, so you can get more info on the product at IndieGoGo here, where Flic buttons are available in various quantities starting at a $23 starter pack. And you can watch a short video about what Flic can do below.

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