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Flic: A Photo Management App

by Joseph


I’ve often read statistics that say that we (“we” being human beings) have taken more photos in the last year than in the whole of human history before the year 2000, or some other outrageous claim. The reason for this is the popularity of cell phone cameras, and it acts as a nice reminder that even in 2014, storage space is still limited, and we can’t keep every photo we take on our phone. But motivating yourself to go through your phone’s photos and thin out the ranks is a tall order, at least until you get the Flic app.

Flic adopts the “swipe right/swipe left” formula popularized by certain dating apps and applies it to the photos on your phone – a whole month’s worth at a time, to be exact. You go through your photos, deciding which ones to keep and which ones can be safely ditched, and your phone storage has that much more room once you’re done. It might even be considered fun, which is a definite plus when anything that falls under “maintenance” is concerned.

If your phone’s photos are a mess and you could use some help pruning them, you can check out Flic at the iTunes store here (there’s no Android version yet, unfortunately), where it’s currently available at an introductory price of $0.99.

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