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flatev Artisan Tortilla Maker

by Joseph


The wave of automatic smart kitchen appliances that make one thing really well continues.  It started with the famous Keurig coffeemaker, most recently crested with the Juicero juicer, and now barrels on with flatev, an “artisan tortilla maker” that does for tortillas what Keurig does for coffee.

Unless you’re in the habit of whipping up fresh tortillas in your home, flatev’s single-use pods will immediately appeal to you, because they contain everything the machine needs to cook up a tortilla in your choice of flour, corn, and even a few flavor variations. It’s all very exciting, with the possible caveat that it will probably ruin you for store-bought tortillas from now on.

If you’re ready to take the plunge anyway, you can do so at the flatev Kickstarter campaign here. Pre-orders with the advance promotional discount for $199 are running out, and shipments begin in August—if you’ve got room in your kitchen between all the other one-item wizards, that is.


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