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Flask: A Speakeasy “Inside” a Vintage Coke Machine

by Joseph

Probably the best part about the old Prohibition days was the thrilling sensation that everyday people got that they were participating in a secret criminal enterprise. That sensation is probably why speakeasies never went completely extinct, even when it became legal to drink alcohol again. A new example of this phenomenon is Flask, a Shanghai speakeasy that is accessed by a secret door hidden inside an unassuming vintage Coke machine.

Once customers step inside the Coke machine, which much like The Doctor’s TARDIS is larger inside than out, they see a stylish and modern drinking spot, where cocktails are served in an intimate yet relaxed setting. Flask was designed by architect Alberto Caiola, and it’s already getting a lot of attention online, despite its location nestled away in some corner of Shanghai.

Even if you’re not able to make it to Flask any time soon, you can see some pretty cool photos of the bar in the gallery underneath these words, including a couple that show how the Coke machine entrance works. And for more from Alberto Caiola, check out his official website here.

Here’s the gallery:



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