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Games With “Flappy” in Name Rejected by Apple, Google

by Joseph
Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Bad news if you’re a game developer with the bright idea to add the word “Flappy” to your game in order to capitalize on the fervor surrounding Flappy Bird (in case you missed it, you can read about it here): You, uh, can’t do that.

As part of an effort to clamp down on developers’ attempts to (in Apple’s words) “leverage a popular app,” Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media had a game called Flappy Dragon rejected from both the Apple and Google Play stores according to this tweet.

He’s not alone, and the irony isn’t lost on anyone who noticed the very strong similarities between Flappy Bird and the famous Super Mario series. I guess it’s a good thing the game wasn’t called Super Bird, or it never would have made it.

As for how this impacts the average user, I wouldn’t lose much sleep over my ability to play Flappy Bird if I were you. That’s because you can  play a version of the game here. And if you’re trying to break a Flappy Bird addiction, don’t click that.

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