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‘Flappy Bird’ Clones Like ‘Splashy Fish’ Flap Onto the Market

by Joseph
Splashy Fish

Splashy Fish

Despite efforts by Google Play and (especially) Apple to keep app developers from capitalizing on the confusion surrounding Flappy Bird‘s abrupt disappearance from their virtual shelves, plenty of clones have made it onto the app stores, mostly by avoiding use of the word “flappy” in their titles.

So games like Splashy Fish, which adapts Flappy Bird‘s distinctive gameplay style into an underwater setting, are popping up on charts of the most popular apps. Other popular Flappy Bird clones include Fly Birdie, Ironpants, City Bird, and Derpy Dragon, originally titled Flappy Dragon.  As you can see, Flappy Bird clones that don’t have the word “flappy” in the name seem to be allowed by Apple, with Google Play exercising more leniency and allowing games like Flappy Cat and Flappy Fish onto their devices.

The point is it’s easy to get your Flappy Bird fix, even without the original game. You just have to do a little digging to find it.

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